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Graduate Certificate in Metropolitan Design

How to Apply

To apply to the program, complete the application form provided below. Your application should also include:

  1. A two-page statement of interest in the program,
  2. University transcripts (unofficial copy is fine)
  3. A portfolio of design work (no more than 10 pages).

Students applying from outside the College of Design should submit comparable graphic examples and two written papers. It is recommended that students enroll in the Certificate program early so that the courses can be completed within the time required to complete the professional degree.

Application materials can be dropped off in person at the MDC Office in Rapson Hall or forwarded by email to ?????

If you are accepted into the program, you will need to meet briefly with the MDC Director to review your course plan. This plan will be recorded on an Enrollment form (provided below) and kept on file.

  Application/Enrollment Forms   Application Form (pdf)
      Enrollment Form (pdf)
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Permission Numbers
  contact Nicole Kennedy
  Academic Advising   Tom Fisher
Director, Minnesota Design Center
612-625-9000 (center)
612-624-1013 (direct)