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Graduate Certificate in Metropolitan Design

Complete the Certificate

To complete the Graduate Certificate in Metropolitan Design, you must have a completed Enrollment Form on file. This form (provided below) can be updated by MDC staff after you initially define your course plan with the MDC Director. You will need to provide final grades for all courses taken for the program and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0. Once the grades are received, MDC staff will route your form for the signatures needed and forward it to the College registrar to be recorded on your transcript.

The certificate cannot be recorded on your transcript until your graduate degree has been awarded. Once the graduate degree is awarded, it will be somewhere between 2 weeks and a month before the certificate appears on your transcript. Contact MDC with any questions or concerns.

  Enrollment Form   Enrollment Form (pdf)
  Academic Advising   Tom Fisher
Director, Minnesota Design Center
612-625-9000 (center)
612-624-1013 (direct)