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St. Anthony Main

Graduate Certificate in Metropolitan Design

Required Courses

ARCH 5711 Theories and Principles of Urban Design
(Spring) 3 credits (Mod. 1)

The objective of the seminar is to present a debate on the dominant theories and paradigms informing city design. The course is structured as a trilogy of critical issues central to our current debates.


ARCH 5721 Case Studies in Urban Design
(Spring) 3 credits (Mod. 2)

Like in many other professions, the evaluation of precedents is a critical component in the education of urban designers and architects. This course provides an in-depth evaluation of contemporary urban design projects using the case study method of investigation.

One 6-credit Studio Course.  Chose one of the options below.

ARCH 8255 Architecture Design Studio V - Urban Design
(Fall) 6 credits

The purpose of this course is to bring forward a dynamic awareness of the Twin Cities metropolitan bioregion to serve as a source of inspiration and discovery, guiding students in urban research and design thinking.  Moreover, this level of awareness will provide the underlying pedagogic configuration for integrating the principal approaches of Urban Design to one or two specific sites within its own specific urban context.


LArch 8206 Making Urban Landscape Space
(Fall) 6 credits

This studio course focuses on the restoration and reuse of urban brownfield (former industrial) sites. Biological and mechanical remediation processes and the development of hard and soft site infrastructures to deal with storm water, energy generation, and the handling of waste. Re-design sites in terms of new uses and economies, and to re-integrate sites into existing and future urban systems of transportation.