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Graduate Certificate in Metropolitan Design

The Metropolitan Design Certificate at the College of Design prepares students with the essential knowledge and understanding of the City within the complexities of the twenty-first-century metropolis. As suburban development is loosing some of its past seductions, traditional cities are being transformed to accommodate the return to city living, an American countertrend that requires the integrative approach of many fields of knowledge.


The Certificate is open to graduate students in the College of Design and graduate students from other colleges with related urban planning programs are welcome to apply. The certificate is a two-semester, 21-credit course sequence within existing master degrees at the College of Design.  It is strongly recommended that the required Urban Design courses should be taken in sequence. There is no additional tuition charge to complete the Certificate. Interested students should enroll during the second semester (spring) of graduate studies.  An application is required including a 2-page statement of interest in the program, university transcripts, and a portfolio of design work (no more 10 pages). Students applying from outside the College of Design should submit comparable graphic examples and two written papers. It is recommended that students make a decision to enroll in the Certificate early so that the completion of courses can be made within the time required for completion of the professional degree.


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